The highly anticipated release of ‘Kehasabe,’ a duet showcasing the vocal talents of Sintayehu Belay and Balkew Alemu, is now available

Produced by Girum Mezmur, “Kehasabe” explores themes of love and longing, boasting a rich lyrical depth that resonates with listeners. Penned by Alemayehu Demeke, the song takes on a new dimension under Girum’s guidance.

Balkew Alemu’s EP “Yene Alem” and Sintayehu Belay’s “Tsedey” have garnered acclaim, showcasing their versatility and dedication. Drawing inspiration from iconic duos like Kennedy Mengesha and Yeshiemebet Dubale, Sintayehu and Balkew channel the spirit of legendary partnerships, reigniting a cherished tradition in the music scene.

In a nod to inclusivity, “Kehasabe” celebrates impaired duo artists’ talents, aiming to transcend barriers and touch hearts. Both artists bring years of experience to the duet, inviting listeners on a melodic journey through love and longing. With Girum’s production expertise, anticipation mounts for what promises to be a timeless addition to the musical landscape, inspired by celebrated duos like Amadou & Mariam.

Now that “Kehasabe” has been released, the anticipation continues to grow, fueled by the excitement surrounding its creation. The collaboration between Sintayehu Belay and Balkew Alemu represents a fusion of talent and passion, promising to captivate audiences worldwide. It’s available now on Muzikawi’s YouTube channel and all digital streaming platforms.