Anis Gabi crafts musical magic with his second single ‘KOOTTUMEE’

Anis Gabi, renowned for his musical brilliance, has once again captivated audiences with the release of his highly anticipated second musical endeavor. Born on December 17, 1990, in Asela, Ethiopia, Anis continues to illuminate the music scene with his captivating sound and profound storytelling.

Following the resounding success of his debut single “Haddha Milki,” which captured the hearts of listeners and garnered widespread acclaim, Anis Gabi has solidified his position as a luminary in the Oromo music scene.

“Koottumee” showcases Anis’s incredible vocal performance and musical innovation. Collaborating with notable musicians like Jorga Mesfin and Yoosan Getahun, Anis blends traditional Ethiopian beats with the vibrant sound of Ethiopian Jazz, creating a mesmerizing fusion. The song itself is a delightful blend of chill and upbeat vibes, influenced by the Oromo groove, inviting listeners to dance and celebrate Anis’s unique contribution to the Ethiopian music scene.

Anis Gabi’s musical journey is not only about artistic expression but also about professional dedication and musical education. In his pursuit of excellence, Anis went beyond simply being an artist; he aimed to become a true music professional. He dedicated himself to his studies, earning a Bachelor’s degree in piano performance, a testament to his commitment to his craft. Following his academic achievements, Anis embarked on a fulfilling career as a music teacher at a university, imparting his knowledge and passion for music to future generations for two years. Furthermore, Anis’s lineage is deeply rooted in Ethiopian music history, as his father, Gabi Edao, is a cherished figure in the Oromo music scene, a source of nostalgia and inspiration for many who grew up listening to his iconic melodies in the 90s.

Now available on the Muzikawi YouTube channel and all digital streaming platforms, Anis Gabi’s second musical masterpiece has already captivated audiences and cemented his status as a trailblazer in the world of Oromo music.