Gondor Fasiledes Cultural Group Unveils ‘Eregnaw’ from the Upcoming Album

Muzikawi and Gondor Fasiledes Cultural Group are delighted to announce the unveiling of the single ‘Eregnaw’ from the upcoming album as a glimpse, now available on the Muzikawi YouTube channel and all digital streaming platforms. 

Gonder Fasiledes Cultural Group that has produced legendaries in Ethiopian art such as Gash Yirga Dubale, Enye Takele, Abebe Berhane, and Asefu Debalke release their single Eregnaw from their self-titled album. With lyrics and melody penned by Asfaw Melese and composed by Daniel Leykun, “Eregnaw” promises to capture the love of a woman and a shepherd.

The Fasiledes Cultural Group has navigated a remarkable journey marked by resilience, innovation, and artistic excellence. From its humble beginnings as “Taglo Atagay” in 1985, the group has overcome numerous challenges to establish itself as a prominent fixture in Ethiopian cultural heritage.

In pursuit of continuous improvement, the group then rebranded itself, transitioning to “Yeras Dashen Kinet” and later to “Fasiledes Kinet.” 

As we release their single “Eregnaw” from their self-titled album “Gonder Fasiledes”, we honor the rich legacy of their predecessors while carving a unique path forward. The full album containing 12 tracks is expected to be released in the near future.