‘’Yigermal’’ Sintayehu Belay and Balkew Alemu’s second duet is out now

Sintayehu Belay and Balkew Alemu’s second collaboration named “Yigermal” is out now on Muzikawi YouTube channel and digital streaming platforms. This release promises a mesmerizing blend of modern rhythms and traditional Ethiopian jazz influences, curated to captivate audiences and make a significant mark on the music landscape. It’s to be recalled that Sintayehu and Balkew have recently released a duet titled “Kehasabe”.

“YIGERMAL” stands as a testament to the creative brilliance of acclaimed musician Girum Mezmur, who expertly blends various genres to craft a captivating auditory journey. Alemayehu Demeke showcases his lyrical finesse through the song’s heartfelt verses, while also playing a role in reshaping its melodious arrangement, which was publicly reimagined alongside the renowned melody. The flawless mixing, which guarantees a fluid sonic experience, is skillfully handled by Abegasu Shiota.

Both Sintayehu and Balkew have gained recognition for their individual pursuits, each releasing their own EPs in recent times. Tsedey” by Sintayehu Belay and “Yene Alem” by Balkew Alemu. 
While duets haven’t been popular in a while, there are still many artists who have made duets that are still in high demand, including Kennedy Mengesha and Yeshiemebet Dubale with “Liben Starochiw,” Tewodros Tadesse and Assefu Debalke “with Atbabi Sileyish” Mahmoud Ahmed and Hirtu Bekele with “Tew Zegeyeh,” and many more. Balkew’s and Sintayehu’s music transports the listener back to that era and is nostalgic.

With “Yigermal,” Sintayehu Belay and Balkew Alemu take listeners on a musical journey that takes them back in time.