Addis Jazz Festival and Africa Day celebration to take place from May 24 – 26th at African Jazz Village

Addis Jazz Festival (AJF) is the flagship event for Muzikawi, Ethiopia’s top music and event production Company. The festival, the only one of its kind in East Africa, features established musicians as well as up-and-coming performers and fresh work from local and international artists. The inaugural event took place in 2019 with the goals of introducing jazz music to Addis Ababa, promoting Ethio Jazz, and giving international jazz musicians networking opportunities and platforms. This year the festival is set to take place between May 24-26 at African Jazz Village and will highlight Africa Day.

Our venue, the African Jazz Village, holds a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts. Formerly a sanctuary for recording music in the 70s when proper studios were scarce, it’s now under the stewardship of the legendary Mulatu Astatke, the father of Ethio Jazz. We’re deeply grateful for his generosity in hosting this year’s festival.

Moreover, we are elated to welcome a constellation of musical luminaries from every corner of the African continent to grace our stage in celebration of Africa Day. The venerable Afrigo from Uganda, the soul-stirring Selmor Mtukudzi from Zimbabwe, and the captivating Mathew Tembo from Zambia, each an embodiment of Africa’s musical richness, join us in this jubilant symphony.

Equally, we celebrate the talent within our local sphere, from the iconic Dawit Yifru, credited with shaping modern Ethiopian music, to the vibrancy of the Roha Band and the legendary Girma Beyene, alongside a cohort of emerging talents. Their collective resonance will echo through the nights, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts.

Joining them are esteemed musicians like Jorga Mesfin, Yaho Ethiopian Traditional Music Band, the Mahri Brothers, and Yohana Sahele, each contributing to the melodic mosaic of our festival. A special highlight of this year’s event is the album release of the talented Jorga Mesfin, promising an evening infused with musical brilliance.

The second day of the festival, May 25th  will align with the celebration of Africa Day which will be celebrated in partnership with the Connect for Culture Africa (cfca) initiative, one of selam’s projects, and the African Union Commission (AUC).