Celebrated Musician Kiros Girmay has Released his New Single “Nafkot”

Kiros Girmay, born in Wukro, Tigray, had his early education at Kenema primary school and Agazi Secondary school in Wukro. Despite facing familial resistance to his musical pursuits, Kiros’s passion for cultural dance as a child evolved into a career in music. He took key board and vocal lessons at Kideste Mariam College, while attending high school. Afterward, he took trainings ranging from vocal trainings to sound from the Tourism Office in Tigray, the National Theatre and Selam Ethiopia before joining the Red Cross band and eventually the Tigray Cultural Band.

Kiros has participated on a singing competition broadcast on 104.4 FM radio station in 2012 G.C and was able to reach top ten.

With a decade-long tenure in the Tigray Group and as a full time-musician who sings in Amharic, Somali, Konso, Afarigna and Afaan Oromoo, Kiros has performed all over Ethiopia at different events. Kiros has made significant contributions to the music scene with singles like ‘’Nekele libey,’’ ‘’Su – Bel’’ and “Merhaba.” He has also showcased his talent on various platforms, including nightclubs.

Kiros has now released his new single ‘’Nafkot”. The song, recorded live in 2021 G.C, explores themes of homesickness and the diaspora’s longing for home.