Muzikawi releases Habtamu Tedla`s new Single “Awey Yegna Neger”

Habtamu Tedla, hailing from Gonder, has launched his latest single “Awey Yegna Neger,” on Muzikawi YouTube channel and digital streaming plarforms, marking another milestone in his musical career. His journey began post-high school, starting with amateur performances at Fikat Theatre and Music Group and Circus Gonder, before joining the Military Orchestra at Central Command, where he honed his skills as a professional musician.

Throughout his career, Habtamu has achieved significant feats, including appearances on Ethiopian Idol and Fana Lamrot, showcasing his versatile vocal talents. Currently, he collaborates with musical entities such as Ethio Color at Fendka and the Federal Police Orchestra. He also performs at nightclubs such as Homie, Triple Hotel, and Yoya, singing in languages such as Tigrigna, Afaan Oromo, Konso, Gambella, and Somaligna.

Known for hits like “Gonder,” “Alenager,” and “Yewelo Lij,” Habtamu’s new single delves into themes of love, questioning the dynamics of affection in relationships with lyrics that ponder, “We’re living together, but why has our love decreased?”

“Awey Yegna Neger,” composed by renowned saxophonist and composer Jorga Mesfin, beautifully blends traditional Ethiopian rhythms with modern jazz elements. The song features the contemporary “chickchika” triple meter signature, integral to Ethiopian music. Jorga’s expert fusion of traditional instruments and jazz timbre creates a seamless, energetic backdrop. Habtamu’s delivery, enriched with traditional embellishments and unique expressions, enhances the song’s cultural depth and artistic allure.