Record and publishing deal with Azmach hip hop crew

New record and publishing deal with Azmach hip hop crew

Azmach, a hip hop trio composed of Senay Mekonnen, Bersabeh Amare (Nani), and Tewodros Minalu (Lij Teddy), has inked a recording and publishing deal with Muzikawi. Their upcoming music blends old-school hip hop/rap with Ethiopian rhythms and melodies, offering a unique fusion. Noteworthy for sharing native stories, their lyrics aim to inspire young audiences. Since their establishment in 2016, Azmach has graced stages alongside international acts like Protoje, Mike Ellison, Eden Derso, Daniel Lemma, and AKALA. Anticipate their soon-to-be-released music featuring both their independent creations and collaborations with other artists.