The folklore group Ethiocolor, a band which has become much appreciated due to their vibrant live shows and their ability to bridge the gaps between the past and the present. On this album three generations of musicians and singers have joined forces to explore some of the rich music traditions found throughout Ethiopia. The band combines the Azmari culture from the northern part of the country with diverse regional sounds. By using amplified versions of traditional instruments, the group has pioneered a new way of playing Azmari music.

In music I have found a companion with complete freedom to share my feelings with purity"


On Balkew’s new EP he has worked with one of the hottest producer names in Ethiopia. None other than Girum Mezmur. Together they have created a fusion of modern music inspired by western african rhythmic concept and ethio-jazz, all with a retro feel. The deep and poetic lyrics and Balkew’s capturing vocals project this EP to a timeless classic.

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