Temesgen Tumato

Temesgen Tumato, an up-and-coming artist based in Sidama, embodies the rich musical heritage of Ethiopia. Born on March 28, 1995, in Yirgalem, Sidama region, Temesgen’s journey into the world of music was nurtured by his father’s love for melodies.

Currently serving as a singer at the Sidama Culture Tourism and Sports Bureau cultural group, Temesgen’s musical career spans over a decade. From enchanting wedding ceremonies to electrifying nightclub performances, he has become a cherished voice in the local music scene.

I consider music as something created with me, is mysterious and part of me.

Temesgen Tumato

Drawing inspiration from his upbringing, Temesgen effortlessly weaves together Amharic, Sidama, and Guragina languages in his compositions, reflecting the diverse cultural mosaic of Ethiopia.

His debut track, ‘Ay Edaye,’ marked the beginning of a remarkable musical odyssey, followed by soulful releases like ‘Enafker Enji’ and ‘Fikir Enezera,’ commissioned by the Red Cross. With hits such as ‘Awedamet’ and ‘Gudu Fela’ to his credit, Temesgen continues to captivate audiences with his latest single, ‘Des Alegn,’ produced by the acclaimed Muzikawi and masterfully mixed and mastered by Kenny Allen.

In ‘Des Alegn,’ Temesgen seamlessly blends tradition, spirituality, and contemporary influences, delivering a compelling narrative that resonates deeply with listeners. His melodious voice, nurtured within the church community, serves as a dynamic force, captivating audiences worldwide.

Offstage, Temesgen is characterized by his playful spirit and deep connection to nature. Inspired by the lush landscapes of Sidama, he finds solace amidst greenery, rivers, and forests, fueling his creative journey.

As an ardent admirer of traditional singer Tadesse Alemu and modern icon Mahmoud Ahmed, Temesgen draws inspiration from their legacies, shaping his own path in the world of music.

Temesgen Tumato’s artistic journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication, boundless creativity, and profound connection to his roots.

Official Video “Des Alegn”

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