Sintu and Balk

Sintayehu Belay and Balkew Alemu are artists who have both earned acclaim for their solo ventures. Balkew Alemu recently unveiled his EP, “Yene Alem,” earning praise for its innovative sound and captivating melodies. Likewise, Sintayehu Belay’s EP, “Tsedey,” has been lauded for its evocative lyricism and soulful vocals, solidifying her status as a rising star in the industry.

Sintayehu Belay and Balkew Alemu, have recently released their soul-stirring piece “Kehasabe,” and have now released their second duet. Their duet, “Yigermal,” produced by Muzikawi, features a heartfelt reinterpretation by the renowned Alemayehu Demeke, known for his ability to deeply move audiences with his compositions. Alemayehu Demeke also penned the poignant lyrics for “Yigermal.”

The collaborative effort behind “Yigermal” highlights the talents of esteemed musician Girum Mezmur, who skillfully blends various musical genres to create an enchanting auditory experience. Abegasu Shiota’s expert mixing adds a layer of polish to the final product. Together, these artists aim to merge their distinct fan bases and musical styles, transcending conventional boundaries.

Balkew Alemu, known not only for his musical prowess but also for his role as an English teacher, brings years of experience and passion to his craft. Similarly, Sintayehu Belay’s journey from traditional music roots to her current role as a nightclub singer reflects her versatility and unwavering dedication to art.

While duets haven’t been popular in a while, there are still many artists who have made duets that are still in high demand, including Kennedy Mengesha and Yeshiemebet Dubale with “Liben Starochiw,” Tewodros Tadesse and Assefu Debalke “with Atbabi Sileyish” Mahmoud Ahmed and Hirtu Bekele with “Tew Zegeyeh,” and many more. Balkew’s and Sintayehu’s music transports the listener back to that era and is nostalgic.

The music of Sintayehu and Balkew evokes nostalgia, reminiscent of a time when duets were prolific in the music scene.

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