Sintayehu Belay

Sintayehu Belay

Upon capturing the hearts of many on her audition on Fana Lamrot, one of the big music competitions in town, with her emotionally-rich voice, Sintayehu Belay is an ambitious artist with a mesmerising voice and a passionate personality. Her ebullient music brings out smiles and happy vibes in her audience. Her ecstatic energy makes her listenable over and over again.

Born and raised in Wollo Raya Kobo, in the Amhara region; Sintayehu Belay is the fifth child in her family. Sintaheyu attended her elementary school education at Kobo Catholic School and went to Kobo highschool. Then she moved to Deesie and completed her Bachelor’s degree at Dessie Teachers’ College. 

Music is my breath and life. I have been through a lot with music, and it has kept me going"

Sintayehu Belay

Sintayehu’s love for music started at a very young age, she grew up listening to music and humming them.  She had lost her sight when she was only 15 months old and music was her only companion. But no one really knew this was what would set a path for the rest of her life. 

The way Sintayehu got into music was by itself a one-of-a-kind story. One day Sintayehu was at her place just singing and humming to herself when her landlord heard her and immediately knew that her voice was just too good to miss. So he presented her with the idea of joining the local, traditional music group “Fana Raya.” And Sintayehu already had a love for music within her, so as soon as she heard the idea, she went and auditioned for a position in the group. And she joined the group and started the path of becoming a musician. Ever since Sintayehu has been pursuing music.

After working in music for a long time, Sintayehu has now made her official debut with her EP “Tsedey”. This EP has five songs within, including the title track Abanenegn coming out with a music video. Sintayehu has developed a modern singing style similar to Aster Awoke and Hamelmal Abate but also takes inspiration and strong influences from traditional Azmari singing techniques which makes her voice and singing unique. The producer Girum Mezmur created a unique Ethiopian retro sound with some modern touches in which he intensively uses Ethiopian modes, rhythms and also combines traditional Ethiopian instruments like Kirar and Masinko fused with some west African  musical elements.

The release of this EP and Abanenegn’s music video means a lot to Sintayehu. Because through everything she has been through music was the one friend she had that never left her side.

Official Video “Abanenegn”

"Tsedey" EP

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