Birtukan Mebrahtu

Born and raised in Mekele, Ethiopia,Birtukan Mebrahatu, affectionately known as Gerewani’s profound love for music has been a guiding force throughout her life and career.

Her journey into the arts took a significant leap when she joined Circus Tigray, an experience that opened numerous doors for her. Subsequently, Birtukan became involved with Osa Tigray, a non-governmental organization where she underwent extensive training and began her career as a stage performer. This marked the beginning of her deep involvement in the music industry.

Throughout her musical journey, Birtukan has released ten songs, including popular hits like “Gere No. 1,” “Gere No. 2,” and “Faduma,” which have garnered widespread acclaim.

Despite facing challenges arising from recent conflicts in the Tigray region, Birtukan has remained resilient in her dedication to music. Now embarking on a new chapter in her career, she is set to release her latest work titled *Shəhe Mewelad*, where she continues to passionately express her emotions and experiences through her music.

Music is a language of communication; it is where I express my feelings

Birtukan Mebrahtu

“Shəhe Mewelad” beautifully blends traditional elements with modern flourishes. The use of “call and response,” a common compositional technique in Tigray music, adds a sense of conversation and engagement between the vocalist, back vocals and the instruments. This innovative approach reimagines Ethiopian music for a wider audience while staying true to its roots.

Official Video “Shəhe Mewelad”

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