Balkew Alemu

Balkew Alemu is an upcoming Ethiopian musician who is expected to be one of the top musical figures in the coming years. Alongside the music, he works as an English teacher in a high school which boldly shows that his visual impairment didn’t hold him from living his dream, playing music and teaching.

Balkew is not new to the music scene. He started his artist journey in 1997, competing at one of the big music competitions in town, Ethiopian idol. Second time around, in 2004, he made it all the way to the top five, which gave him ground for his own fan base that are now anticipatedly waiting for this project. 

In music I have found a companion with complete freedom to share my feelings with purity"

Balkew Alemu

On Balkew’s new EP he has worked with one of the hottest producer names in Ethiopia. None other than Girum Mezmur. Together they have created a fusion of modern music inspired by western african rhythmic concept and ethio-jazz, all with a retro feel. The deep and poetic lyrics and Balkew’s capturing vocals project this EP to a timeless classic.

Official Video “Felege”

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