Anis Gabi

Anis is an aspiring musician with a burning passion and love for music. Many remember him for his explosive and powerful voice from different stage performances and award shows. 

His full name is Anis Gabi. Anis’s father, Gabi Edao, is one of Ethiopia’s most renowned Afaan Oromo singers. Growing up in a musical family instilled in him the desire and dream of becoming a musician from a very young age. For this reason, he has pursued music for his bachelor’s and master’s degrees and has been working as a music teacher for the past two years.

And now Anis has started his journey to achieve his long-time dream of becoming a singer with his new single “Haadha Milkii”

Music is like a life principle; Life is tasteless without music"

Anis Gabi

In this new single  “Haadha Milkii”, Anis has tried to explore the Oromia culture regarding women’s rights and the justice system “Sinque.” “Haadha Milkii” is a storytelling piece of music that shows the great place of women in the Oromia cultural system. 

Many renowned musicians have participated in this project: Lencho Gemechu as a lyricist, Jorga Mesfin in rearrangement, and others like Henock Temesgen and Tewodros Aklilu have also participated in the making. “Haadha Milkii”  is Affan Oromo music with an Ethio jazz feel.

Official Video “Haadha Milkii”

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