Birtukan Mebrhatu AKA Gerewani’s New Single “Shəhe Mewelad” is Out Now!

We are thrilled to announce that Birtukan Mebrahatu, affectionately known as Gerewani, has released her latest single, “Shəhe Mewelad” with Muzikawi. Known for hits like “Gere No. 1,” “Gere No. 2,” and “Faduma,” Gerewani continues to captivate us with her powerful and evocative music.

Born and raised in Mekele, Gerewani’s musical journey began with Circus Tigray and her involvement with Osa Tigray. Balancing her academic pursuits in Computer Science at Sheba College with her artistic ambitions, she has released ten acclaimed songs. Despite recent challenges in the Tigray region, Gerewani remains dedicated to her music and her fans.

“Shəhe Mewelad” showcases Gerewani’s unique ability to blend traditional Ethiopian music with modern elements. Featuring the distinctive Bati mode and Guwayla rhythm, the song creates a rich tapestry of sound. In collaboration with composer Denekew Kiros, Gerewani offers a polyphonic masterpiece that reimagines Ethiopian music for a wider audience.

The wait is over! “Shəhe Mewelad” is now available on Muzikawi’s YouTube channel and all major digital platforms.